Tips for effective car transport

Tip for effective car transport- Car shipment requires special care while relocating. There are a few points to be kept in mind while shipping a vehicle-

Confirm the shipping cost with the auto transport company. Ask for quotes from several companies and choose the best amongst them. Provide details like origination, destination and vehicle type; whether door delivered or terminal delivered; any other special requirements. This would result in more accurate quotes.

Check for payment terms with individual companies. Some companies like advance or complete payment before shipment while others do not charge initially. Complete advance payments should be done by a credit card which would help in repudiating a claim if need arises.

Vehicle Against Theft And Damages

Insure your vehicle against theft and damages. Obtain a facsimile of the insurance cover from the auto shipping company. Find out about the working of the insurance policy and whether some charges are deducted if any claim arises. Do not leave behind any personal belongings in your vehicle during the shipment process.

Always inspect the car before handing it over to a car transporter. Ask for a detailed status report of its condition at the time of pick-up. The report should project the current mileage, any pre-existing defects and damages. This would ensure that there is no problem at the time of taking delivery.

Always inspect the car before taking the delivery at the destination. Look for damages other than those mentioned in the initial status report. Do not take night-time delivery or at a different location other than the one promised. Inform the auto transporter immediately in case the car is in a condition other than the one at the time of pick-up. Sign on the dotted line only when you are satisfied with the shipment. This signature declares that you have taken delivery and received your car in good condition.

Check the credentials and licensing of your car shipping company. Contact the Better Business Bureau for help in this regard. Please fill in the moving estimate here to compare prices amongst the various moving companies. This would help you in arriving at a decision within no time.