Florida moving truck rental companies, Questions to ask before renting FL moving truck

The best Florida moving truck rental companies help you to select the best moving truck for your move, but it is up to you to ask a few questions before making the final decision. First of all, understand the terms and conditions of truck rental in FL. Ask about extra charges for mileage or for delaying the truck’s drop-off time.

On moving day, confirm whether the vehicle you get is the one you had chosen. Ensure that you are qualified to drive a moving truck. Find out all this information before renting a truck in Florida, and enjoy your relocation.

Additional Info:

A modern, well-maintained truck will help to ensure your safety. It will consume less gas and will carry you quickly and comfortably to the destination.

Air conditioning will ensure your comfort and a radio will keep boredom at bay. Look for a truck with a low deck and a wide ramp, which will be easier to load and unload. A soft suspension will protect delicate items from damage.

If you are moving one way, look for a one way moving truck company that will allow you to return the truck at a location close to your destination.

Take time to practice driving a heavy vehicle. It will take you some time to become familiar with the driving techniques needed to handle a truck on the highway.

Find out about the insurance coverage provided by the trucks rental company and get additional coverage if required. Ask your insurance agent if your auto insurance policy provides coverage for truck rental.

Ask about the payment terms of the moving trucks rental company. You may be asked to provide photo ID and to make payment via credit card.

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