Self Service Moves

All About Self Service Moves

Self Service Moves is on the rise and is a growing choice for many people who want to have a tension free move from one place to another. somewhere in between the professional full service moving and the do-it yourself moves. The rise in popularity for this type of moving is because of cost effectiveness and convenience.

Types of self service moves

Basically there are two types of self service moves  are offering by the professional moving companies. In the first form you are required to pack your goods in containers provided by the moving companies and they will just pick your goods and drop them at the doorstep of your new house. In the second form, commercial trailers are using to carry your goods to your new home.

you are responsible for packing, loading, unloading and unpacking of the goods and the moving company just takes the responsibility of moving your goods from your old residence to your new one. At times one is requiring to purchase their own packing supplies and even hire labors to carry out the packing. This is the most cost effective way of moving your tings from your old house to your new one because you can always avoid paying the professional packers if you manage the packing on your own.

Advantages of self-service

There are several advantages of self service moves like huge savings and also saving yourself from the pain of driving the truck to your new destination. You get a professional licensed driver to land your goods on the doorsteps of your new residence safely. Actually, many people do not feel at ease to drive a long trailer or a truck for longer hours and this can make them vulnerable to accidents and other problems. Thus the self service method saves them from this problem.

The self service moving companies quote their prices based on two basic things. In case the self service company provides you with the empty trailers then they are going to charge you based on the space that you use. The second scenario is that the moving company provides you with the special containers that you would use to pack your materials. The movers charge you on the number of such special containers you use. Other than the above two methods of pricing, you can also enquire about any type of other charges that are applicable to the move or not. Sometimes the charges may be different depending on the distance and the type of transport that a company uses.

some downsides of self service moves because people often forget about the hassles of packing while looking at the savings they make. Well, everybody wants to make a saving on their moves but packing is a tough task, which only professionals can do properly. If there is any problem with the packing then it can damage the goods at the time of their transit.

If you feel that you are somebody who doesn’t have a problem in taking up the hassles of packing. Then self service move is your cup of tea.