Self Moving Service – Truck Rental

Self moving with the help of truck rental can be an exciting experience but are four points of concern which you need to sort out before you finalize your decision. These are packing, loading, mileage and fuel costs.

Let us discuss the four points of concern individually:

    1. Packing:

      If you are a novice in this area and have never packed domestic goods before, it is always advisable to consult a
      professional. This can save you from the additional cost of recovering your goods from damages, etc. Poor packing is the biggest cause of damage during transit. There are a lot of websites which teach you how to pack like a pro which might be of help. Regarding the quantum of packing materials you would need – again ask the expert. There are reputed packing supplies companies who offer free online tutorials like
      having moving box calculators etc and you could purchase moving kits depending on the number of bedrooms you have in your home. If you follow their professional advice, you too could pack like a pro and prevent damages during transit.

    2. Loading:

      This is one area where you have to be physically fit and careful to prevent injuries, some of which could be dangerous, while loading heavy goods on to the moving truck. For instance, if you are weak in health and have never had the experience of lifting heavy loads, it is advisable to hire the services of some moving labor that could help you with loading and charge you by the hour. Dollies and padding are available on rent from the truck rental companies to help you with loading. Even then, handling dollies is
      not an every day experience. Be careful not to overload the dollies as this may prove to be injurious to your health. The rental charges for 6 pads are $5 and $10 for 12 pads. Similarly, dollies are available between $7 and $12. Both these items are helpful during loading.

    3. Mileage:

      Most truck rental companies usually build in the mileage cost along with the truck rental charges. Though additional mileage charges are low, you have to be doubly sure of this aspect, since adding up those small yet significant extra mileage costs could bring the final sum to a substantial amount.

    4. Fuel charges:

      One of the factors which add substantially to the overall cost to your truck rental program is the cost of fuel. The thumb rule is that when you pick up the truck from the rental agency, the gas tank has to be full. Again, when you return the truck, you have to ensure that the tank is filled up. in case you do not abide by this rule, the agency would fill up the tank on your returning the truck and bill you accordingly. But remember, when the agency fills up the tank, they usually charge you more than the actual cost, as the cost of labor (for filling the tank) is also included. The fuel consumption for a 26 feet truck and the mileage is 10 miles per gallon. So you could easily work out how much your relocation journey would cost you in fuel charges.

Hopefully the information given above would ease your truck rental program and provide you with a hassle-free relocation.

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